August 9, 2022
The Structural Laboratory

The Structural Laboratory

The Structural Engineering Laboratory of the civil and transportation engineering department at the University of Isfahan is a large space incorporating almost all the facility needed for advanced research and teaching purposes. The newly renovated teaching lab provides students with a state-of-the art practical learning space with the essential facility needed to introduce them to the fundamentals of structural engineering. The Structural Engineering Laboratory is well-equipped for structural testing of large-scale structural elements and subassemblies under monotonic and quasi-static cyclic loading. Our facility listed in the following:

1- 1000 kN Hydraulic Jack

Used for static and cyclic tests on large specimens.


2- 100 kN Hydraulic Jack

Used for static and cyclic tests on Small specimens.


3- A range of instrumentation and data acquisition systems

4- 2000 kN Hydraulic Jack

Used for material testing.

5- Manufacture facilities of structural specimens, including beams, column, slabs, connections and test frames.

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