August 9, 2022
Faculty History

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Transportation of the University of Isfahan consists of three Departments namely Surveying Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Railway Engineering.

The Department of Surveying Engineering was established in 1988. The Department of Civil Engineering was set up in 2004. The Department of Railway Engineering was initially established in 2008 as the Faculty of Transportation Engineering as the first transportation faculty in Iran and then, in 2017, a new faculty, i.e. the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Transportation, was established after joining the Faculty of Transportation Engineering and the Departments of Civil Engineering and Surveying Engineering.
Currently, the Faculty of Civil engineering and Transportation is a reputed center for engineering studies and research in the central part of Iran. 

دانشگاه اصغهان

Address: Faculty of Civil Engineering & Transportation, University of Isfahan, Hezar Jerib Ave., Isfahan, Iran. 

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