August 9, 2022
Hydraulics laboratory

Open Channel Hydraulics lab

The open channel hydraulics lab of Civil Engineering Department has been designed for teaching open-channel flow as well as research purposes. The flume available in this lab (0.4 m by 0.6 m in cross-section and 7 m in length) could accommodate a maximum flow rate of 70 lit/sec. The flume includes basic instruments which help undergraduate students in boosting their understanding of the basic properties of free flows, and the subjects that are frequently used in teaching hydraulics course. The flume also meets standards required in conducting research and industrial projects for more advanced applications.


The tests which are demonstrated for undergraduate students fall in the following four categories:

  1. Open-channel flows: general behavior of free flows, including how flow responds to the changes in the width as well as in the floor level of the channel.
  2. Sluice gate: how flow properties are affected in passing through a sluice gate, and how to calculate flow rates under free and submerged conditions.
  3. Weirs: flow rate measurement by rectangular, triangular, broad-crested, and Ogee weirs.
  4. Hydraulic jump: the formation of how hydraulic jump, and how to estimate and control the head loss which is induced by the jump.


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