August 9, 2022
Surveying and Geomatics Engineering
   Head of Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Department

Dr. Hamid Mehrabi

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  Deputy of Education

    Dr. Mina Moradizadeh

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  Deputy of Research

Dr. Jamshid Maleki

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The Department of Geomatics and Surveying engineering officially started its activities by accepting 36 undergraduate students in 1988 in the Faculty of Engineering. Since then, many students in the field of geomatics and surveying engineering have graduated from this department. The purpose of the bachelor of geomatics engineering course is to train experts who have scientific knowledge and technical skills about accurate information of the earth and its features, which are usually presented in the form of various maps. This field with several tendencies divisions of geoscience has provided the possibility of continuing education in higher levels. Currently, this department trains specialized and committed personnel in the fields of: Remote Sensing; Geodesy; GIS, and Photogrammetry at the master and doctoral levels. This department has 5 educational and research laboratories, including; Laboratories of digital cartography and GIS, photogrammetry, remote sensing, instrumentation, processing and simulation of spatial data, and have completed numerous research projects in various fields and have introduced new technologies to the country.

Due to the brilliant history and scientific, educational and research potential of the professors and students of the department of geomatics engineering, this department has various research, professional and educational collaborations with various governmental and non-governmental sector centers in the country as well as scientific centers abroad. Also, due to the long history of this department, a significant number of graduates are working in industrial, research and academic units across the country. For example, we can refer to more than 900 undergraduates, and 100 postgraduates of this department until 2020.

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